Nigeria is among the 191 United Nations member states with the commitment to realize the

SDGs of reduction of child mortality and improve maternal health by 2030. Though there are

efforts towards improving the health outcomes, it is evident that the mortality ratio of Nigerian

women and children remains high with average maternal mortality ratio of 545 per 1000 live

births. Also, we have children under five mortality ratios of 157 per 1000 live birth. These

ratios are among the highest in the world (NDHS2008).

Moreover, women participation in issues affecting their health is also very low, hence the

need to empower them.

The campaign is designed to do the following:

  1. To educate pregnant women on the need for adequate antenatal care and increase their

awareness of the risks associated with pregnancies including the need to have delivery

with skilled medical attendants.

  1. To give nutrition advice and education on healthy fixed-matches eating for mother and child.
  1. To advise on the importance of immunization uptake during pregnancy and after delivery.
  1. Family Planning as a strategy to improving maternal and child health
  2. To equip young girls with knowledge essential for growing up with attendant expectations and challenges. See

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